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17. Families who do not speak the same language as the caregiver are able to share their language with the child care program

Documentation Needed

•Written description of how the program supports English language learners by having parents teach the caregivers basic phrases in their language
•Describe how the program incorporates materials such as books, music, labels in both languages, etc.
•Description of any other ways the center supports these children

Why Is This Important

"Inclusion of diversity … goes beyond having materials showing diversity displayed or accessible for children to pay with. Instead, representing diversity is a regular part of the daily experiences that children have throughout the day, each day. These experiences are the usual rather than the unusual." (Cryer, D., Harms, T., & Riley, C. (2003). Chapter 28: Promoting acceptance of diversity, . In All about the ecers- r (p. 294. Lewisville, NC, USA: Kaplan Early Learning Company.)

Helpful Websites (supporting bilingualism in child care by Texas Child Care Quarterly) (Many languages, one teacher: supporting language and literacy development for dual language learners from NAEYC)

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