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16. Program has a plan to support English language learners to share their home language with the child care program.

Documentation Needed

•Written description of how the program supports English language learners, including:
-Parents teach the caregivers basic phrases in their language.
-Program incorporates materials such as books, music, labels in both languages, etc.

Why Is This Important

"Inclusion of diversity … goes beyond having materials showing diversity displayed or accessible for children to pay with. Instead, representing diversity is a regular part of the daily experiences that children have throughout the day, each day. These experiences are the usual rather than the unusual." (Cryer, D., Harms, T., & Riley, C. (2003). Chapter 28: Promoting acceptance of diversity, . In All about the ecers- r (p. 294. Lewisville, NC, USA: Kaplan Early Learning Company.)

Helpful Websites (supporting bilingualism in child care by Texas Child Care Quarterly) (Many languages, one teacher: supporting language and literacy development for dual language learners from NAEYC)

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